Friday, June 12, 2020

Samkshepa dharma sastram-A tamil book on rules and rituals of iyers

Samkshepa dharma  sastram-A tamil  book on rules and rituals  of  iyers
(A great gift of Maha Preriyava  to all  the iyers) 

 Realizing that  the book Vaidhantha Deekshitheeyam, the only book  giving in details   the law of   rites and rituals of Iyers  was not easily available, the late Paramacharya of Kanchi Ordered , Sri Manjakkudi Venkatrama Sastrigal, who was one of his disciples, to make a selection from this book and seek the help of Sri E.S.Ramamurthy Sastrigal for translating it in to Tamil. This book was published by Heritage India Educational Trust, Mylapore, Madras as per the wishes of Paramacharyal. The great sage also told the publisher that there should not be any copy right to this book. This book was named as “Samkshepa Dharma Sashthram (Summary rules of Dharmic life)” and was first published in 1985.Maha periyava  also told the publishers that  it should be sold at cost price  and there should not be any copy right  so that  any one can copy or translate  and sell it.
      One of my scholarly friend    requested me to translate it  and put it on my web .I did it in the year  2005. This has been so far referred  to by  20 lakh people in my web(started  in 2010.

    Whenever  you are having any doubt  on our rites and rituals  , please refer to it  My contribution is nothing .You can copy, paste, publish as pdf  or even print it .You need not even acknowledge me 

7.SAmkshepa dharma sasthre   sankeerna  vishaya

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