Friday, June 19, 2020

Do tharpanam with help of Vadhyar though Zoom

Do tharpanam  with help of Vadhyar though Zoom

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   Though thecurfew has been lifted many Vadhyars  arereluctant to visit  their client’s home to help them do THarpanam.
   Many of the people  who are used  to  do  this are  feeling miserable  .Here is a suggestion

1.!,Vadhyar   sends Dharbha  and koorchas home through post to all the clients who needs this service

2.At a particular convenient time  a zoom meeting is called  and Vadhyars, helps them doing the tharpanam

2.All who joins this zoom meeting send the  usual Dakshina through PAYTM or GPAY

If Vadhyar does not know   how to get it done, some of his clients can help him .I understand ZOOM meeting less than 40 minutes is free

If this succeeds  and by Avaniayavittam day  things do not imporove  same system can be  adopted to do upakarma also

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