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Karadayan Nombu 2016

Karadayan Nombu 2016 

One of my friends on the face  book  wanted me to give  the correct time   to observe Karadayan Nombu .She wanted to give it early   so that  the  confusion   among people (especially among Kerala Brahmins)   as to the correct time may be removed. I am only writing   what I know  but the ultimate  authority  on this for every family  is  their  family priest  and not anyone else  .

Karadayan Nombu or Savithri  vrutham
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    This is a  very important festival  observed  by Ladies of Tamil Nadu    on the day when masi(kumbham)  ends and  Panguni (meenam )   begins. This pooja  is observed  to commemorate  the day when  SAthi   Savithri   went after  Yama the God of death  to get back   the soul of her  husband  Sathyavan and is observed  by ladies   for granting  a longer life span  to her husband. (or future  husband)
      This year  The Nombu falls on  March 14th  .Most of the  Panchangams on line and those   available   with me  indicate  that  the new month begins at around 11.18  Am. Some panchangams  have suggested  that the proper Muhurtha  to observe  the offering  of Adai to Lord Yama   and tying the Yellow Charadu  is  at that time. But March 14th is a Monday and   there  is Yama Khandam   between 10.30  to 12 Noon.  So some of the Panchangams   are of the opinion that    it should be observed  between 10 Am   and 10.30 Am. (there is a well known saying that  “Masi Charadu Pasi padarum”  meaning that  the charadu   tied  in  the Masi month would last for a very long long time.)
    While wearing the Charadu   and offering the Adai  and butter  to the Gods Ladies  chant
"Urugaada Vennaiyum Oaradaiyum Naan Tharuven
Orukaalum En Kanavar Ennai Piriyadirukkanum"

“I would offer you butter that  has not melted  and one Adai,
And so   never at any time   my husband  should not part from me”

  There is also  a great prayer   supposed to have been  used by Sathi Savithri  to pray to lord Yama  (http://stotrarathna.blogspot.in/2016/01/prayer-for-absence-from-widow-hood.html ).  They can also chant that

However  the month of Panguni begins in different places of the world   at different times:-
In United States it is on March 13th night  . Australia Time is on March 14 at 3:48 PM. Singapore and Malaysia Time is 1:48 PM on March 14. Karadayan Nonbu is observed at the particular time when the Tamil month Masi ends and Tamil month Panguni begins.
The USA timings are - Panguni Masam begins at 12:48 AM on March 14, 2016 Eastern Standard Time in USA
begins at 11:48 PM on March 13, 2016 Central Standard Time in USA
begins at 9:48 PM on March 13, 2016 Pacific Standard Time in USA
begins at  10:48 PM  on March 13, 2016 Mountain Standard Time in USA
Please note that the exact time of Masi (kumbam) ending and Panguni (meenam) starting varies from country to country. So the apt and ideal choice is to consult your temple priest or check with elders or refer your regional Panchangam. The above time is based on Indian calendars and Panchangam.
      Unlike India there  is no Yama Gandam    at  any of these places  . So the ceremony can be observed at the time when Panguni month  begins.If the month begins   at night after   11 or 12 PM,   the ceremony can be observed  around 10 PM

 (Acknowledgements  ttp://www.hindu-blog.com/2010/03/karadaiyan-nonbu-2010-time-fast-break.html  )

  It is believed that when Sathi  Savithri    was Following Yama  , there was a stage , when she needed   to worship him with an offering. In the forest and mountain through which she was following , she could only make an extremely simple dish .Nowadays   Two types of Adais  one  sweet and another  salt are prepared . There   are very large number of web sites  giving recipe   to these Adais  . Some of them are 
 And so on  ,But  every house wife of the last generation were  an expert  in this   dish. If they are not available for consultation, then only   use these  recipes.
        May God bless  you and your husband   with long life spans so that  you  both can   serve the world in a better way

 Pasyema Saradha : Satham , JeeeEma Saradha: Satham ,
 Nandhama Saradha: Satham , Modhama Saradha: Satham ,

May you both see    hundred   autumns  , May you both  live for hundred autumns,
May you  be both be happy for hundred autumns, May you  both enjoy the bliss   for hundred autumns,

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Tomorrow’s (9/3/2016) Solar eclipse-some notes including Tharpana Manthra

Tomorrow’s (9/3/2016) Solar eclipse-some notes including Tharpana Manthra

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There is a solar eclipse which is visible in India tomorrow. This is not visible in most of western part of North India .Even in other parts, in many cases   the solar eclipse   gets over   before Sun rise.  The Solar eclipse Tharpana has to be done after taking bath   as soon as   the solar eclipse   starts . The Sankalpa manthra for tomorrow is
9.3.16        Solar eclipse
  Manmatha nama samvathsare ,Utharayane , Shishira  rithou, khumba    mase , Krishna  pakshe, adhya Amavasyam    punya thidhou , Soumya  vasara yukthayam, Poorva proshtapada    nakshatra yukthayam, shubhayoga, shubhaKarana evam guna viseshena, visishtayam asyam Amavasyam   punya thidhou,  Sooryoparaga  punyakale, darsa sradham , thilatharpana roopena adhya karishye  
(Amavasya up to  7.25 Am afterwards Prathama and Poorva   proshtapada   up to  9.3 PM  and later Uthara Proshta Pada)
   The eclipse is visible in many of the far eastern countries and Alaska of  United states, north and eastern Australia  only .People are requested   to either see on line or   consult local authorities   for time of visibility  of the eclipse in  their place and Adjust the Nakshatra   and thidhi accordingly. The time of onset and release of the eclipse visibility  in various places in India   is given below.

Eclipse Start
Eclipse End
07 Mins 08 Secs
19 Mins 18 Secs
16 Mins 53 Secs
28 Mins 01 Sec
59 Mins 36 Secs
01 Hour 12 Mins 18 Secs
20 Mins 18 Secs
49 Mins 34 Secs
07 Mins 37 Secs
06 Mins 34 Secs
23 Mins 53 Secs
12 Mins 11 Secs
06 Mins 12 Secs
05 Mins 40 Secs
13 Mins 14 Secs
11 Mins 45 Secs
14 Mins 36 Secs
33 Mins 57 Secs
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse
No Eclipse

These  are some of the   cusoms observed  by  Hindus   during the eclipse:-
A women in periods should take the eclipse bath from water which is poured on her by others.

During eclipse all waters are equivalent to Ganges water and all Brahmins are equivalent to Vasishta.

Till the end of eclipse we should not sleep but keep on chanting mantras.

Pregnant women should not come out during eclipse.

If any left over food is there prepared before eclipse, it should not be eaten. Food should be freshly prepared after eclipse is over.

In case of curd or pickles , we have to put cut Durbha grass in them ,After the purifying  bath, this Durbha should be removed.

The charity given and meditation done, during the eclipse would give us huge benefits.

Tharpana should be done once the eclipse starts in Solar eclipse and when it is leaving in case of lunar eclipse. Both Tharpanas should be done only in Krishna Paksha.

Tharpana can be done in sea water but Aachamana should not be done . Water taken from home after bath should be used for Aachamana.

Those in whose Nakshatra  or Anu Janma Nakshatra , the eclipse occurs*, should write the following sloka in a palm leaf and tie it to their forehead. After the eclipse this palm leaf should be removed. Then they should give in charity one Ash gourd, coconut and coin to a Brahmin.

Solar eclipse sloka:-
Indro , analo  danda darasha  ruksha prachedhaso Vayu,
Khubera  , eesaa  , majjanma  , rukshe  mama raahisamsthe,
Arkoparagam   shamayanthu may.

*The stars affected this time are Punarpoosam(Punartham/punarvasu), Visagam, Pororattathi, Chadayam  and Uthrattathi