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Rahu Grastha Surya Grahanam(Solar eclipse) on 21st june , 2020

Rahu Grastha Surya Grahanam(Solar eclipse) on 21st june , 2020 in India -how to observe it.

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Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020

Rahu  Grastha  Surya Grahanam(Solar eclipse) on 21st june  2020 in India (10.22  to 12.48 pm  according  to Indian Panchangam – (how  to observe  it along  with Tharpana Sankalpa)

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(this  Grahana affects  those  born in  Rohini ,Mriga seesham(Mageeram) , chithrai  and avittam and also  on Sundays )

This Surya  Grahana is  visible  India, middle east  , north eastern counries, china, a small part of Europe  , Russia and newzealand
The Solar eclipse Tharpana has to be done after taking bath   as soon as   the solar  eclipse  starts(at least before the middle period).After  the  eclipse  again we have to take bath
 . The Sankalpa manthra for the Grahana  tharapana  is

(Note that  The Amavasai  is on 20th june 2020)

21-6-2020 Rahu grastha Surya grahanam(Affected star Rohini, Mrigaseersham, Chithrai and Avittam)(Sunday) 10 AM - 12.45 Noon - 02.30 PM
Saarvari nama samvathsare, utharayane, greeshma rithou, mithuna mase, Krishna pakshe, adhya Amavasyam punya thidhou, bhaanu vasara yukthayam, mrigasira nakshatra yukthayam, shubhayoga, shubhaKarana evam guna viseshena, visishtayam asyam Amavasya punya thidhou, sooyoparaga punyakale, darsa sradham, thilatharpana roopena adhya karishye
(Amavasya is up to 12.12 pm and later Pradhama and mrugaserrsha is up to 1.02 pm and afterwards Arudhra)
சார்வரி நாம சம்வத்ஸரேஉத்தராயணேக்ரீஷ்மருதௌமிதுன மாஸேக்ருஷ்ண பக்ஷேஅத்ய அமாவாஸ்யாம் புண்யதிதௌபானு வாஸர யுக்தாயாம்மிருகஷீர்ஷ நக்ஷத்ர யுக்தாயாம்சுபயோக சுபகரண ஏவங்குண விசேஷனவிஷிஸ்டாயாம் அஸ்யாம் அமாவாஸ்யாம் புண்யதிதௌ.............சூயோபராக புண்யகாலே தர்ஸ ஸ்ரார்த்தம் திலதர்பண ரூபேணா அத்ய கரிஷ்யே.

Time of beginning
Time of ending
10.22 AM
1.41 PM
10.13 AM
1.31 PM
1.32 PM
1.44 PM
1.27 PM
New Delhi
3.04 PM
4.54 PM
2.50 PM
4.54 PM
(Enter  name of city in , you will  get time of eclipse)

These  are some of the   customs observed  by  Hindus   during the eclipse:-

1.A women in periods should take the eclipse bath from water which is poured on her by others.
2.During eclipse all waters are equivalent to Ganges water and all Brahmins are equivalent to Vasishta.
3.Till the end of eclipse we should not sleep but keep on chanting mantras.
4.Pregnant women should not come out during eclipse.
5.If any left over food is there prepared before eclipse, it should not be eaten. Food should be freshly prepared after eclipse is over.
7.In case of curd or pickles , we have to put cut Durbha grass in them ,After the purifying  bath, this Durbha should be removed.
8.The charity given and meditation done, during the eclipse would give us huge benefits.

Tharpana can be done in sea water but Aachamana should not be done . Water taken from home after bath should be used for Aachamana.

Those in whose Nakshatra  or Anu Janma Nakshatra  and day (Rohini ,Mriga seesham(Mageeram) , chithrai  and avittam and also  on Sundays ))  the eclipse occurs, should write the following sloka in a palm leaf/card board  and tie it to their forehead. After the eclipse this palm leaf should be removed. Then they should give in charity one Ash gourd, coconut and coin to a Brahmin.

Solar eclipse sloka:-
Indro , analo  danda darasha  ruksha prachedhaso Vayu,
Khubera  , eesaa  , majjanma  , rukshe  mama raahisamsthe,
Arkoparagam   shamayanthu may.

All people   can also chant   this prayer  called “Surya Grahana  Peeda hara  Stotra”

1.Yosou   vajradharo   deva, aadhithyaanam   prabhurmatha,
Surya  Graho  paragotha graham   peedaam   Vyapohathu 

He who is God   carrying Vajra, The sun god  is of the opinion,.
That during the   time of solar  eclipse  would  remove  problems created by al planets

2.Yosou   danda dharo deva   , Yamo  Mahisha vahana,
Suryagraho  paraagotha  graham peedaam  Vyapohathu

The God     who is carrying the staff, Lord Yama   who rides on a buffalo,
During the   time of solar  eclipse  would  remove  problems created by al planets

3.Yosou  soola dharo  deva pinaki   vrusha  vahana,
Suryagraho  paraagotha  graham peedaam  Vyapohathu

The God  who carries     the soola and  Pinaka  and riding  on the bull,
During the   time of solar  eclipse  would  remove  problems created by al planets


  1. what about prathamai thithi falling on 21 june 2020? Any suggestion? same day to be done?

  2. Can you kindly tell the exact time to do tarpanam during eclipse?

    1. Middle of the eclipse .In india it is between 11.30 Am, to 12 noon)

  3. Thanks. Is it possible to get the sankalpam before snanam on Soorya grahanam day!!!

    1. It should be done around 11.30 IST.Before that you have to take snanam.You can miss Morning snanam

  4. Namaskaram...I could not locate the
    Tharpana Sankalpams for the year 2020-2021. Can someone help? Thanks

  5. please

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