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What to do if we are not able to do Sradha due to Carona

 What  to do if   we  are not able  to do Sradha due to Carona


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Most  of us  do  Sradha  to our  parents with devotion. Suppose we are  not able to do sradha to our parents on   the Sradha day   due to carona


   An epidemic is sweeping the world. Due to the fact that   all of us  love  our  health  and life more than anything, when Sradha day  comes, we start thinking , whether  we will  get   the disease  by inviting the Vadyar  to our house.Same way  Vadhyars  also are scared  that they may  get affected  by the disease by visiting the clients home. In spite of that   due to their poverty  as well  as great  love to religious  principles  ,they  do reach  the client’s place  to do the sradha.


      I heard of one Vadhyar  performing it  on line. Instead  of people, he instructed  them to place   two koorchas  in two different  places and told  Manthras by phone  .The dakshina   was ofcourse  sent by  GPAY


What is the alternative ? The  Samkskepa Dharma sastra  Got published  as per direction of Maha Periyava


When you cannot afford to do Sradha, feed sufficient grass to cows. They can be fed with rice balls (pindas) . We can do Thila Tharpana addressing the Pithrus. When you do Tharpana , you should take bath and wear dried cloths.
He who is not able to do Sradha , if he performs the representative of the rituals with devotion, he gets the same effect as having performed Sradha.

   Then when we can do  sradha, consult   the vadhyar and do the SRadha  in the proper 

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  1. My husband
    attained shivalokaprapti on 10th August,2020. Our elder son is in Sydney. He could not come at that time due to corona. Our younger son did all the rituals. he is doing monthly rituals also. Both are not married. When my elder son comes for Annual srardham is there any ritual to follow? Our priest says that he has to do savindikaranam observing theettu. When it should be done. Already our younger son did rituals from day 5 to day 13 subham. Please guide us in this regard. My id is raji.n.iyer@gmail.com