Wednesday, January 27, 2021

english translation of SAmkshepa dharma sasthra can be down loaded


SAmkshepa dharma sasthra in English  (you can   read it now and preserve it

P.R.Ramachander writes

It was ten years back that I completed the translation of the great book “Samksepa Dharma Sasthras” compiled as per wishes of Maha Periyava by Manjakudi Venkatrama SAtrigal, with help of Sri E,S,Ramamurthy Sastrigal and Sri.S.M.Krishna Sarma .

This book was pubished in 1985 and sold at the cost of 50 paise By Heritage India Educational trust , Sanskrit college, Mylapore Madras .Maha Periyava wanted it to be clearly mentioned in the book , that since this book should reach every Brahmin’s home, no copy right should be there.The second edition of the book was published in 2007.

I completed  the English translation of this great book in 2009

You can download  my translation  from




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