Tuesday, July 14, 2020

AVani Avitta (Upakarma) Manthras for Yajur(English, Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit) , Rig and Samaveda in the year 2020.

AVani Avitta (Upakarma) Manthras for Yajur(English, Tamil, Malayalam, Sanskrit) , Rig and Samaveda in the year 2020.

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My dear friends ,

I have been giving every year the Upakarma procedure for the past 20 years for the use of people who are not able to get a priest for guiding them in the procedure. Since such eventuality would mostly occur in case of people living abroad, along with Sankalpa I have been giving the duration of the Thithi and Nakshatra and the time when it changes so that according to time difference from India , they can modify their Sankalpas.
Avani avittam or Upakarma is definitely , not the change of Poonal(poonal matharathu)only  . The Change of Poonal is only a purificatory ceremony which is a prelude to the Upakarma procedure . Once the Yagnopavita is changed , the Brahmin prays God to pardon all the minor and major sins that he has done during the previous one year. This is followed by a Vedic procedure which aims to satisfy the Devas , Rishis and Pithrus by giving them Arghyam.After this the Brahmin starts reading the Vedas. The Chanting of the Vedas should be done under guidance of a Guru who has learned to chant Vedas , definitely not by reading it but hearing and repeating it properly. Because of this I have not been giving the Vedas in English script.
On the Gayatri japa days  , After  SAndhya vandhana , he chants  1008 times Gayatri manthra,

      Yajur Vedis do upakarma on the Pournami day of the Sravana month. For Rig Vedis , Pournami is not important but Sravana star is important . .The Sama Vedis observe Upakarma during the Hastha Nakshatra of the avani month.
This year the Rig upakarma falls on 4-8-2020, the Yajur Upakarma falls on 3-8-2020 and the Sama upakarma on   22  -8-2020  . The Gayatri  japam is on 4-8-2020

1.Yajur Veda Upakarma Manthras
     Tamil https://brahminrituals.blogspot.com/2020/07/yajur-veda-upakarma-in-tamil-3-8-2020.html  (By Sri  Ananthanarayanan  Vaidhyanathan)
     Sanskrit  and Malayalam  https://brahminrituals.blogspot.com/2020/07/yajur-veda-upakarmam-22020-in-sanskrit.html  (By Sri  Anantanarayanan Vaidhyanathan)

These manthras in my blogs are visited by about 30000 Brahmins every year. www.vadhyar.com has adopted my text . Among the various jobs that I do, this job gives me maximum satisfaction. Please send it or share it with all your relatives abroad and to  all relatives  where  the vadhyars would not come/or instruct them on line
 Most of the Vadhyars  are suffering financially  due to Corona disease.Please  send them DAkshina  on line
May God bless you all .Ramachander


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