Friday, December 27, 2019

My contribution to monthly and yearly ritual manthras for past 10 years

My contribution to monthly    and yearly ritual manthras  for  past 10 years
(I started   a blog  on Rules and  Rituals  in February 2010 )


A. THarpanam
I started putting  annual  amavasya  tharpana  sankalpam in the   year 2010-11, when I started  a Blog  on  “Rules and Rituals of Brahmins” in the same year It took about   3-4 years   for my blog to become popular. Later on man people   abroad    started   depending on my blog, because  it is the only   which indicated  at what time IST  the  Nakshtra and Thidhi    mentioned   in the Sankalpa changes.This helped people there  to  use proper thidhi    and Nakshatra, in whichever  place on earth they do Sankalpa.Since last year  I have started including  Mahlaya  Paksha   SAnkalpa manthras also (  THa Amavasya   THarpana Manthras (tharpana  manthras iyers , iyengars , Mahalaya  Paksham  Bodhayana  all in English had  also been given) 
   Year           Number  of Visitors
2010-11     1187
2011-12     8331
2012-13     1500
2013-14      5470
2014-15    31121
2015-16     33724
2016-17      44034
2017-18      50807
2018-19      56466
2019-20      39283

B.Avani avitta  Manthras

Even before start of Blog , I  used   to put  Avani avitta(upakarma )  manthras on line every year  ,Some time in 2012 some one said, that I am ignorant that  Rig Veda  Tharpana manthras   and sama veda  tharpana manthras are different .I put in , lot of effort in getting books and   started  giving correct manthras   for each veda
Year    Number of visitors
2011  19637
2012  18065
2013  53692
2014   11766
2015  45761
2016  26861
2017   23262
2018  16343
2019  41883

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  1. Thank you for your self less service. I use your information for Tharpanam - ATL GA