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Classification of Dhurbha grass and its use in rituals

Classification of  Dhurbha  grass  and its use  in rituals

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(Dhurbha (Desmotachya bipinnata) is a tropical grass considered a sacred material in Vedic scriptures and is said to purify the offerings during such rituals .Traditional tropical grass, Darbha, has been identified as an eco-friendly food preservative. Though  I have have been studying about different  Hindu rituals  , I was not aware  of the classification  of Dhurbha grass  and its suitability  for  various rituals. This was given in Tamil  by Sri Vasudevan  Srinivas. Thanks  to him.
As  a young lad , my elders informed  me that  Lord Brahma  used to arrange marriages  by two  Dhubha plants. I used to ask, which Dhurbha  is male   and which female  .After a long  time I have got the answer.)

1.Viswamithra  kusoseeraa   shali   monunjeecha    Dharbhaka,
Dhoorvaa   sreshtaa   muni  prokthaa   saptha  Dharbha  prakeerthitha.

The great   sages  have told    that  Dharbha  is of seven types ,
Viswamithra , Kusa, Ucheera  , Saalee. Mounjee   Dharbha   and Dhurvaa.

2.Agra sthoola   bhaven naari  , moola sthoolam  napoomsakaam,
Moolagra   samam   vaapi puman nithya abhidheeyathe

If  the tip is stout  it is feminine, if base  is stout it is eunuch,
And if tip and   base are   stout  it is  Male

3.Vivahe  purusha Dhurbhaa, Sthree Dharbhaa  Pumsavane Thadhaa,
Napumsakam  thwadhanya   karmasu   . yesha Dharbhasya  nirnaya

For marriages  male Dhurbha  is used, for Pumsavana female  Dhurbha is used,
And for all other  rituals   the eunuch  dharbha   can be used.

4.ARchanam  Japa Homam cha , dhanam   cha pithru  thrpanam,
Apavithranu  paanimcha thath sarvam cha  vInasyathi

Archana  , Japa  , homa , Dhana   and Pithru tharpana,
If done   without pavithram, then everything   would be destroyed

5.Pavithram     yeka dharbhena, pretha karmani  dharayeth,
Nithya karmani  dharbhaayaam  dhwabhyameva  chathurmukha

For rituals   involving Pretha(dead body)  only one dharbha is used,
And for all    daily     rituals     two  dharbhas with 4  tips are used

6.Pithru  karyam   thribhir  durbhai  , chathurbhir  deva  poojane,
Panchabhi   poshitike   Dharbhai  shadbhi  saanthyaam  pavithrakam
Bhojana valayam   kuryaatu , sapthabhi   sarva  karmasu.

In case of rituals  of pithrus  three dharbhas  are used  and 
For rituals involving   Devas  , four  dharbhas   are used,
In rituals  like yaga five are used and for doing parihara   six are used.
In case of meals   and all other rituals   seven have   to be used as knot.

7.Dwiyangulam valayam   brahmanukramathi rekhaam  kulaa  mathaa,
Chathurangulamaayaamaa  pancha    mushti  smruthaa  kusaa

For a two inches knot   five fist length  of Dharbha is needed
And its height   should   be   four  inches.

8.Viseernaa   vigalaa   hruswaa , vakraa   sthoolaa   krusaa   dwithaa,
Krumi  dashtaascha deergaascha varjayeth   samithoo  budha.

Those which are spilt  , broken, small  , curved  , thick , thin ,
Spread out , eaten by worms   and too long   are rejected by the wise.

9.Yethe   vitha vinasinaa , sthoolaa raja  bhayankari,
Dwidhaa   chaora  bhayankari viseernaa  sukha maahareth,
Agni daham   bhaved   deergham  krusaa  kanthaa   sukham hanyaathu.

All these  would destoy your wealth  , very thick would invite  Government punishment,
Split one would lead  to fear of theft,  that  which has splits  would reduce pleasure,
Very long one  would lead to fear of fire and very then would lead  to sickness.

10.Aswastha  vata , palasaa  , plaksha  ,
Dumbara   , sambhavaa  samyaparkka thiraa ,
Kuchena   samitho nava

Sacred  fig, Banyan , Palasaa  tree , holy fig, fig tree,
Vahnni tree  , chaff flower , Karumgali  and Dharbha ,
Provide  sacred  offerings to fire  and are called  Samith

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