Thursday, December 6, 2018

What I give to others became useful to me today

What  I give to others became  useful to me  today


For the past 18 years  I have been putting tharpana  SAnkalpa manthras for  the entire year , just before  the new year starts.Realizing that  it would be used more by people   who have settled abroad, I had been putting  the time of change   of Thidhi and Nakshatra so that , they can change them according to the time that they  perform the  SAnklpams. I know that several thousands of persons are   using  it throughout the world.For the past   few years  several   scholars are  putting these  sankalpa  Manthras   every month or even just before  Tharpana day. Due to this I was thinking of discontinuing this   from next year, But I myself had  to use it today  in USA and I felt that they   are  extremely useful because of the time of change given in them. I humbly request  my friends , who regularly put these manthras to add  this  useful info also.

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