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Things that should not be kept on bare earth

Things   that should not be kept on bare  earth

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(This interesting slokas  are given in  the  Sloka compilation called   Jaya Mangala  Stotram published  by Sengalipuram Anantharama  Deekshithar.  What is meant is that  these materials   should not be  kept   directly on earth.)

Vaudho Uvacha:-
The Earth   said”:-

1,Vahaami sarvam Vaaraharoopanoham  thavajnayaa,
Leelaa mathrena  BHagawan  viswam cha sacharacharam.

1.I   would   carry   everything   as per your order in the  form of a boar,
Simply as a sport including  the universe and movable and unmovable  things , Oh God

2.Mukthaam , shukthim , harorchaam, Shiva lingam, Shivam thadhaa,
SAnkham pradheepam  yanthram  cha manikhyam  heerakam thadha.
3.Yajnasuthram  cha puspam  cha pusthakam , thulasidalam,
Japamaalaam pushpamaalaam  karpooram cha  suvarnakam,
4,Gorochanam ,  chandanam  Salagrama jalam thadhaa,
Ethanvotu masakthoham  klishtaa   Bhahgath  sruu.

2-4 But God please hear I am incapable  of carrying  these  items, wich cause  me trouble,
Pearls, shells, the idol of Lord Vishnu, Shiva lingam   , the idol of Goddess  Parvathi,
Conch  , burning lamp, Yanthras of God . Ruby gem, Diamond  ,
Sacred  thread, flowers  , books  , leaves  of Thulasi,
Rosary, Flower  Garland, Camphor  , gold  ,
And Gorochana (a material collected from cow), sandal paste , SAlagrama(Stone of God  collected from Gandaki river)

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