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Tharpanam on Lunar eclipse on 4th April 2015

Tharpanam   on Lunar eclipse on  4th April 2015
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A Chandra Grahanam(Lunar eclipse  ) occurs on  4th April 2015. This is visible in India.Thogh the eclipse  starts  around 3.30 PM , it will be visible  on;ly after  the moon rise  which is at 6.19 PM  on  that day. It comes to an end  at 7.15  PM. This  eclipse would be visible   in most parts of North America  Hawaii, Japan, Newzealand , Australia   and Indonesia.  I understand that the moon sets in USA while  the eclipse is in progress  The Lunar eclipse Tharpana   has to be done   towards  the end of  Chandra Grahana. The Sankalpa  manthra is
 Jaya Nama Samvatsare, Shisira rithou, Meena mase,Prathamyam shubha thithou, Sthira vasara yukthayam , Hastha nakshatra  yukthayam , shubha yoga, Shubha karana eam guna  viseshana visishtaayaam  asyam prathamayaam punya thidhou………Somoparaga  punyakale  uparaaga sradham..
Hastha Nakshatra is up to 11.36 PM IST and Prathama  is up to 7.36 PM IST  on 5-4-2015.
    The visibility   in different places of the world is given in
   So people who need to do tharpanam in countries outside India , where  it is visible are requested  to change the star  and thithi in the sankalpam  as per particulars given above.
  Please also note that”In case of lunar eclipse , if the moon sets before the end of eclipse, (Grahana asthamana) we should not take food during day time and take food only after seeing the moon.”  And
A women in periods should take the eclipse bath from water which is poured on her by others.

During eclipse all waters are equivalent to Ganges water and all Brahmins are equivalent to Vasishta.

Till the end of eclipse we should not sleep but keep on chanting mantras.

Pregnant women should not come out during eclipse.

If any left over food is there prepared before eclipse, it should not be eaten. Food should be freshly prepared after eclipse is over.

In case of curd or pickles , we have to put cut Durbha grass in them ,After the purificatory bath, this Durbha should be removed.

The charity given and meditation done, during the eclipse would give us huge benefits.

Tharpana should be done once the eclipse starts in Solar eclipse and when it is leaving in case of lunar eclipse. Both Tharpanas should be done only in Krishna Paksha.

Tharpana can be done in sea water but Aachamana should not be done . Water taken from home after bath should be used for Aachamana.

Those in whose Nakshatra  or Anu Janma Nakshatra , the eclipse occurs*, should write the following sloka in a palm leaf and tie it to their forehead. After the eclipse this palm leaf should be removed. Then they should give in charity one Ash gourd, coconut and coin to a Brahmin.

For Lunar eclipse:-

Indro analo Yamo , riksho, varuno vayurevacham, Kubhera, eeso knandu Indu uparaga udhavyathaam mama

*The stars affected this time are Rohini, Hastham, Thiruonam , Uthram and  Chithrai


  1. Very informative article, and i have one humble question.

    In USA west eclipse between 3.15 Am and 6.45 AM and tarpanam needs to be done by 6 AM.

    In this case, kartha has to do bath, sandyavandanam, tarpanam and later Madhyanhikam (at later regular time)?

    is the above is correct? can you please kindly clarify..

    thanks and regards

  2. A very informative and a guidance article on Chandra Grahana Tharpanam. Thousands will benefit from this knowledge.

  3. As major part of the eclipse happens to be during day time in India is it still yo be observed?

  4. Most informative and guidance. Thank you

  5. what time do we need to take bath.what time tharpanam to be done. do we take bath again after tharpanam

  6. When in doubt about Brahmin tradition and custom I look for P R Ramachander blog for clarification and when I spot I get everything I want in it. His stories are worth reading I strongly recommend every visitor to this site read them. P R Ramachander is not my relative nor is he in my contact list to recommend.

  7. Thank you for all the useful and relevant information.

  8. Thank you for all the useful and relevant information.

  9. Thank you for all the useful and relevant information.

  10. Thanks for the very useful information

  11. From my forefathers, here is the mantra for affected nakshatras :
    Chandra Grahanam
    Yo Jow vajra tharodevaha, adityaanaam prabhurmathihi, sahasra nayana chandra, graha peedaam vyabohadhu,
    Surya Grahanam
    Just change above instead of chandra, say Surya

    1. good,its useful, affected raasi can get benefit and parihara

  12. Can we do sandhyavandhanam during eclipse times

  13. Very good article very rare to see so much clarity

  14. I wish to thank each and every one of you for your comments. I do not merit all the good words written about me. I am yet another old man. Since I was not watching this posting, I could not reply to some important clarifications requested. I hope those visitors would pardon me.

  15. Many thanks for all your efforts sir & painstaking collection of sastra,achara dharma.