Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tharpanam on Lunar eclipse on 8-10-2014.

Tharpanam on Lunar eclipse  on 8-10-2014.
   This eclipse starts at 2.48 PM IST  and   is there up to 6.04 PM  IST on the same day. In India  most of the places   the  rise of the moo n is around   6 PM IST .Because of this it would not be visible    to the naked eye in most  of the western parts of India, It is is visible for 45 minutes   between 5.19PM and 6.04 PM  in Calcutta  , 7 miniutes between 5.57 PM and 6.04 PM in Madras . It is not visible to naked eye  in Bangalore. Mumbai , entire Kerala Gujarat . Wherever it is not visible , tharpanam need not be done and wherever it is visible   tharpanam needs to be done , preferably within the  eclipse period.Before Tharpanam you have to take bath, perform Tharpanam and after  eclipse ends   again we have to take bath. In USA  it is visible in most of the places , just before moon set (very early morning)  . THarpanam needs to be done at that  time.
You can get   the start and end time  by filling up the nearest city in
  The sankalpa manthras are  "Dakshinayana , Varsha rithou Kanyaa mase   , Krishna Pakshe  Prathamyaam punya thidhou SAumya Vasra yukthayam  uttara  proshtapada nakshatra yukthaayaam , Dhruva nama yoga yukthaayam , somaparaga  punya kale  uparaaga  sradham , thila tharpana roopena Adhya Karishye .

        With best   wishes, Ramachander 


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  2. Am i in order in performing grahanatharpanam on 8 th morning at 7 AM. I am in detroit,USA

  3. Typo error .It is 8-10-2014. Corrected now. Thanks for pointing out, Ramachander

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