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Caste of children born inter caste marriage

Caste  of children  born inter caste  marriage





Inter caste marriages have become very common  in South india  .

If both parents are not bothered about caste  , the caste  of child   does not matter at all

But I felt curious to know   what about caste  of the children. .Indian law  mostly says that  the child can adopt the caste  of either  parent.

  Many of you may feel that  this is the problem of only

 present times-Not at all


1.Age of Purnas:-


Brahmin sage  Parasara  married  a fisher women  and their son Sage Veda  Vyasa(He who  organized   the Vedas)   is considered  as Brahmin by one all  .


Veda vyasa   according to what  I know   had four children


The child by Brahmin mother  is sage Shukha  a Brahmin

The child by  Kshatriya Ambka  , Dhritharashtra  is a Kshatriya

The  Child by  Kshatriya  Ambalika   is Pandu   who is again a Kshatriya

The Child to the maid Parishrami , a   servant of   the family is Vidhura   a Shudra


2Medieval age


Again  king Samudra Kshatriya   wife   is  Vikramadhithya

The son of A shudra  wife  is Bharthruhari

The son by  Kshatriya    wife is  Vikramadhithya

The son by Vysya   wife   is Bhatti

And  the son  by  Brahmin wife is Vararuchi


Many princesses  of Puranic times  have married   Brahmin sages (Eg , Samyuktha  and Chyavana).Nothing much is known about their children.


2.More than 150  yeard ago


a.In kerala  there was a system of Sambandam(connection)   between,  Brahmin  and Kshatriya men and castes like  Nairs, Menon, Nambiars, Varriars  etc etc ,

 The children born out  of sambanda  followed  their mother’s caste


b.In other parts of India


Most of the places had devi dasis  who  had marriage type relation with  higher  caste  , rich people  . The children born belonged to deva dasi caste


3.Modern days

  Thousands of  in ter caste  marriages are taking place all over India. No body seems to be bothered  about the caste of children born out of these marriages. They all  assume it will be the caste of the husband .But most of the courts have ruled   that the children born can adapt  the caste of either  the father( )

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