Friday, March 27, 2020

If Sraadha comes before April 14th?

If Sraadha comes   before April 14th?

Raja Thatha

   Many  Brahmins are greatly worried as   to what should be done when Sraadha comes   during the lock in period
Maha Periyavas  book called  “SAmkshepa Dharma Sasthram says
When you cannot afford to do Sraadha, feed sufficient grass to cows. They can be fed with rice balls (pindas) . We can do Thila Tharpana addressing the Pithrus. When you do Tharpana , you should take bath and wear dried cloths.
He who is not able to do Sraadha , if he performs the representative of the rituals with devotion, he gets the same effect as having performed Sraadha.
       There is another option.On  Sraadha day , do thila Tharpana   to the Pithru varga and  feed   one Brahmin on that day(One Brahmin living in another house  can be supplied food also)  and the other option is to feed a cow.
    If you want sankalpa manthras  on your sraadham day before april 14th    , do write to me   at ramachander926 at gmail dot com and I will send it to you  .God bless you all 


  1. Unable to perform Abdhika Shradham due to Lockdown.What is the solution

  2. you can do it in the next thidhi

  3. As said by @raja thatha, What to do as the next thidhi too is still under lockdown?

    I performed tharpanam and gave soaked rice, a bit jaggery and black till mix to cow on the yearly shraddha day as there was no other way to perform.

    Please tell what to do.

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