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 Thamboola   is the combined name   which is normally   given to  Betel leaf and Betel nut ,It is believed  that the goddesses Parvathi , Lakshmi   and Saraswathi in live in betel leaf  , It was being chewed by males  and females  for getting  a great  super feeling.Women also  used to do it for making their  lip colour read

  It is a custom almost throughout India to offer  Thamboola to the  guests (athithi_)   , before  they depart to their home  Also  It was a practice of all  people  to chew  Betelnut  and betel leaf on which lime  is applied  after a heavy meals.  Scientists   did find  that betelnut has  carcinogenic properties   and slowly this custom   is disappearing.

Thamboola in South india

   Thamboola is given during many occasions in south

  1.When  unmarried and married   ladies(who are not widows ) come to our house  , it is a custom to  give , Thamboola, Kumkum   and  round  Turmeric roots to them. .

2.Since betel leaf is considered  as the personification of truth  , on the day  when   marriage engagement day(nischya THamboolam- ), Betel leaf and Betel nut are  exchanged.

   3,It is also a practice to offer Thamboola   to gods   during worship  .This is done after  food articles   are offered to God.

    4.Whenever  a  DAkshina(religious fee)   or Dhaana(gift) is given , it is always accompanied   by  Thamboola

       5.It is a practice   for ladies of the family   to invite  other married ladies  on festival days or on days when they   do a special pooja,  and offer them Thamboola.It is also considered as sign  of friendship

        6.When we go to another  home to invite them to a function in our house  normally thamboola is offered

         7, Thamboola   is given to  make mother Goddess  Happy .It is believed she will take Thamboola from you in some form.She  may  come   even  as servant maid, lady selling flowers  etc  and so  being Choosy in giving Thamboola   is bad   and may cause harm to you

A full and elaborate  thamboola  in south india  consists of

1.Betel leaf  , 2.Betel nut , 3 Turmeric   and kumkum  4.Comb 5.A small mirror, 6.Bangles, 7.Yellow thread   8.Coconut 9.Banana fruit 10.Flowers  11,Maruthani (mehandhi)   12. Kajal   , 13.Dakshinai   14,Ravikkai  cloth or Sari (some people add a small piece  of Jaggery with it)

a.Among themTurmeric  , Kumkum   and yellow thread  increases  the life span of your husband.
b.Comb   inceases  life span of husband
c.Mirror  protects  health of husband
d.Bangles would increase  your peace of mind
e.Coconut  to get your sins removed-Dehusked coconut  is preferred
f.Banana  gets you effect  of giving food as charity
g.Flower  increases   your happiness
h.Mehandhi    to prevent skin diseases
i.Kajal   for preventing evil eye  falling on you
j.Dakshina(fees)  to get blessing of Goddess Lakshmi
k,Blouse piece/sari   to get effect of Vasthra  Dhana-Once upon a time Blouse was useful to  all ladies but nowadays  with  ladies shifting   their dress  habits  , it has become less  useful.Instead of Blouse piece/Sari, you can give useful presents to them.

It is not necessary to give all the above things while giving thamboola   

   If some one invites you   for Thamboola  , it is believed   the  one invited should go .Even if they give only betel leaf and betel  nut, it should be received with happiness

Rules  of giving Thamboola

1.The one who gives THamboola   should face the east
2,The one who receives it  should sit on a   chair or mat facing them\
3.It is normal to give some thing to drink to them, at least water
4,If you are   giving coconut, slightly applu turmeric on it , put a kumkum mark , show it to Goddess  and give it to them
5.All materials of THamboola   should be kept on a  plate and offered
6.If the receiver is older than you, after  giving Thamboola, you should also do namaskaram to them
7.In Karnataka and Andhra , the thamboola materials are  kept on a muram(winnow)  and covered  with another Muram and offered
8.In some cases the Thamboola materials are offered by covering with our Sari and the receiver   also does that.

It is definite  that Goddess  would  bless the person who gives and receives  Thamboola.


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  2. This type of Hindu practice is also done in north but it may be bit different in terms of application.


  3. Can we regive the turmeric and kumkum which we got from someone who is visiting us as a guest.

  4. Can mother-in-law give tamboolam to her daughter-in-law?

    1. As both of them belong to the same family, it shouldn't be done. However, daughter-in-law can give tamboolam to her own mother.

  5. How. Many banana should kept in thamboolam???

  6. Could you please let me know if the coconut and betel leaf should be pointing the giver or the recipient and the reason behind this...

  7. Can daughter-in-law give tamboolam to mother-in-law as they both are staying in different places?

  8. What if Tambulam given by you is returned to you back? Is it good or bad?

  9. Can we invite sumangalis and give thamboolam during puratasi month Friday ….because they say puratasi month is not good….since I am leaving the place during puratasi , I want to give thamboolam to sumangalis whim I know in this place

  10. Definitely its good..Purattasi is the month of perumal n navratri is happening this month how can it be not good ...respecting anyone with thamboolam is indeed a good deed irrespective of anything else

  11. Can you give the same betel leaves, nuts, fruits, flowers, blouse pieces you received from a lady who gave you Tamboolam to other ladies who come to your house ??

  12. Is giving Haldi and kumkum a dosa nivarthi?

  13. I have the same question. Please someone answer: Is giving Haldi and kumkum a dosa nivarthi? Thanks!