Thursday, May 30, 2019

Some good recommended habits

Some good  recommended  habits

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(I have translated  and posted   several,such recommendations.This is another. But it is believed that you have tofoillow the habits recommended by the family  and not recommendations  by any one outside, however great he may be)

1,You should not bite your  nails with your teeth  as it is a dirty and unhealthy habit.
2,You should b not run  while it is raining(you may fall down)
3,While taking food  you should not press the ground by   your left hand
4.You should not take  bath without cloth
5.You should not blow fire with mouth
6.You should not cut your hair    on Tuesdays, Fridays , Chathurthi  , Chathurdasi  , sashti , Pournami, and b navami  but if these thithis occur on a Sunday or Thursday, you can cut your hair( Please do not ask me whether this is applicable to shaving)
7.You should not throw dirty things or live  insects  in fire
8,In temples you should not bathe at night.In Kasi you can
9.You should not see your shadow in water   and oil
10.You should not eat in darkness but only oiin well lit places
11.While eating , you should eat sweet first and then bitter in the end 
12,You should not eat with wet cloth or untied hair
13.You should not eat Nellikkai(gooseberry)  , Ginger  , curd and  fried things at night
14,You should not take bath  immediately after  bidding good bye to relatives
15.You should not cross the   rope  used to tie calf and cow
16.If ladies cry, riches will fly away
17.Ladies should not be with untied hair nor scratch their    hair with their two hands
18,A Brahmachari   should not carry corpse   of people other than his parents

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