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Observe the Ritual of Ratha Sapthami

Observe   the Ritual of Ratha Sapthami     on  12/2/2019(tomorrow ) 

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  Ratha Sapthami also called as Surya Sapthami or  Surya Jayanthi    is a festival  celebrated on  the Shukla Panchami  in the month of Makara /Kumbha  Masa(Magha masa  for those    who follow Chandra Mana)  .This year the  festival  is  being observed  tomorrow  (12-2-2019)  . It is observed with  several rituals  in the  states of Andhra Pradesh /Karnataka /Maharashtra(For details see ) .

   In  tamil Nadu the day starts   with ritual bath  by Keeping seven  leaves of  Vellai Erukku (Giant milk weed –Kannada Ekku, Telugu  Jilledu  , Sanskrit –Arka )  on the head .(some people keep one on head, two on shoulders, two on knees   and two on feet) A head bath is taken ,.Some people keep uncooked  rice also on the  Erukku leaves. Women in addition sprinkle turmeric powder  on the rice . You are not supposed  to apply  oil on  the head for that day. During the   ritual bath the  following Manthra  or sloka is chanted:-

I.Manthra (translation by P.R.Ramachander)
“Saptha Saptha Maha Saptha, Saptha Dweepa Vasundara, Sapth Arka Parna Madaya, Sapthamyam Snana Machareth”.
“seventh , seventh  , great seventh  , the earth has  seven islands ON this seventh day  I am  observing bath keeping   seven  Arka(erukku)  leaves  on the head.”

2. Stotra/Sloka(Translation by  P.R.Ramachander)

Sapthsapthi-priye devi
Sapthalogaiga deepike!
Sapth-janmaarjitham papam
Hara sapthami sathvaram       (1)

Oh  Goddess  who likes the seventh of sevenths  ,
Who is   the lustrous lamp among the seven worlds,
During this seventh linar day  please remove,
The sins that  I have earned in the seven births.(1)

Yanmayaathrakrutham papam
poorvam sapthasoojanmasoo!
thathsarvam  Soka mohou cha
maakare hanthu sapthami    (2)

All of those sins   committed   by  me ,
In the earlier seven births ,
As well    as   my sorrows   and passions,
May please be destroyed By Sapthami of Makara  Month(2)

Namaami sapthameem devim
sapthaarkka - pathra - snaanena
Mama papam vyabohathu!     (3)

I salute    the Goddess  Sapthami ,
Who is capable  of destroying  all sins  ,
And by the bathing with seven  Erukku leaves,
Let   all  my sins   be   completely removed.(3)

After this  any time   during the day  read or hear  Adithya  Hrudaya , which is taught  by sage Agasthya   to Lord Rama  in Ramayana  , so that he has the ability to kill  Ravana 

The Sloka in English with  my translation is available  in .

You can hear it by clicking .

You can also chose  to read it in Sanskrit  alphabets in .  

You can read it n Tamil   from .

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