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Number of more than 400 Brahmin gothras along with pravara Rishis

Number  of  more than 400 Brahmin  gothras along with pravara  Rishis 

Wikipedia  on list of Gothras   mentions that there  are  46 Gothras among  Brahmins.   gives the total list of 136  Gothras lists  56 gothras also gives  a list of about 100  gioothras . I once personally did  a  survey of Tamil  Brahmin Gothras ( )  and found  that most of the tamil Brahmins belong to 51 Gothras. So  I  was taken aback   to see  in a book  in tamil  published by Smt.Uma Hariharan, which has been approved by Kanchi Kamakoti mutt , a list of 421  Gothras . The list is classified  as

1.Gothras   with one  Pravara  rishi   19
2, Gothras   with two pravara   rishis  15
3,  Gothras   with three  pravara   rishis 313
4.Digothras  with three   pravara   rishis  23
4.Gothras      with five    pravara  rishis    51

In this list there are   several Gothras    which are repeated  several times   with different Pravaras  and some gothras   are repeated  in   different of these   classes also  I am giving   the complete  list as given in the book

 The List of Gothras   have been given by several people on line  .I am giving below   the very exhaustive list   given in a  Tamil  book on :Pithru Yagnam”  BY Smt.Uma  Hariharan.She has given list of Gothras with one Pravara  Rishi, Two pravara   Rishis, Three  Pravara  Rishis and five pravara   rishis. She also says  that there  is a reference to gothra    with seven rishis and she could not get the list.

A.Gothras with one  Pravara  Rishi
Gothra                               Pravara
1.Aakshvalayana                     Vasishta
2.Agasthya                               Agasthya
3.Ithmavaga                             Agasthya
4.Jathukarniya                         Vasishta
5.Kathsmrutha                         Kathsmrutha
6.Kshandllya                           Vasishta
7.Mithrayava                           Vathiruswa
8.Ragaya                                Vasishta
9.Roukshtiyana                       Vathiruswa
10.Sappindina                          Vathiruswa
11.SAunaka                              Kathsmrutha
12.Saunaka                              Saunaka
13.Spalayana                           Agasthya
14.Vaikshaliya                          Agasthya
15.Vaithalakavi                        Vasishta
16.Vasishta                              Vasishta
17.Vathiruswa                          Vathiruswa
18.Yajnapathi                           Kathsmrutha
19.Yajnavalkya                         Vasishta

B.Gothras with  two   Pravara  Rishis
Gothra                               Pravara
1.AAkshtaka                             Vaiswamithra, Aakshtaka
2.Chandilya                              Daivala , Aaseetha
3.Gathsramatha                     Bhargava, Gathsramatha
4.Hiranya  REthasa                 Vaiswamithra, Hiranya Rethasa
5.Iynthra  Kaushika                 Vaiswamithra , Iynthra  Kaushika
6.Kapotha REthasa                 Vaiswamithra    , Kapotha Rethasa
7.Kathaka                                 Vaiswan mithra , Kapathaka
8.Kokala                                    Daivala  , Aseetha
9.Kritha Kaushika                    Vaiswamithra , Krutha Kaushika
10.Lohitha                                Vaiswamithra, AAkshtaka
11.Madhyanthini                    Vasishta, Maithravarurna
12.Poorana                                Vaiswamithra  , Poorana
13.Saugai                                   Bhargava , Gathsramatha
14.Sauvarna  REthasa              Vaiswamithra,  Saurna Rethasa
15.Yajnapathi                            BHargava  , Gathsramatha

C.Gothras with three   Pravara  Rishis (Originating  from  Bhargava/Srivathsa)

Gothra                               Pravara

1.Vathsalya                    Bhargava, Ourva , Jamdangnya
2.Vathsalya                    Bhargava , Chyavana  , AApnavana
3.Jamadagnya              Bhargava   , Ourva , Jamadaganya
4,Jamadagnya              BHargava  , Chyavana , Aapnavana
5.Paulasthya                Bhargava   , Ourva , Jamadaganya
6.,Paulasthya               BHargava  , Chyavana , Aapnavana
7.Markandeya             BHargava   , Ourva , Jamadagnya
8.Markandeya             BHargava  , Chyavana , Aapnavana
9.Mandukeya              BHargava   , Ourva , Jamadagnya
10.Mandukeya            BHargava  , Chyavana , Aapnavana
11.Paitha                    BHargava  , Chyavana , Aapnavana
12.Paitha                    BHargava   , Ourva , Jamadagnya
13.Saila                        BHargava   , Ourva , Jamadagnya
14Avada                      BHargava   , Ourva , Jamadagnya
15,Paijamathitha          Bhargava  ,AAkshtrikshenam AAnupa
16.Akshtrikshena          Bhargava  ,AAkshtrikshenam AAnupa
17.Yaamyayana             Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa
18.Naiksharkthya           Bhargava  ,AAkshtrikshenam AAnupa
19.Yaska                         Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa  
20.Mauna                        Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa       
21.Mukdhala                    Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa
22.Vaadhoola                  Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa 
23.Mooka                         Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa
24.Vaithahavya                Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa 
25.Jaiminiya                     Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa 
26.Kasyapi                       Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Saavedhasa  
27.Kasyapi                       Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Raivasa
28,Gargya                         Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Raivasa      
29,Jabala                          Bhargava  , Vaithahavya , Raivasa  
30,Mithrayava                    Bhargava, vathravyasva, dAivodasa
31,Mithrayava                    Bhargava, CHyavana, Daivodasa
32.Aswalayana                     Bhargava, Vathravyaswa, Daivodasa
33,Roushtrayana                   Bhargava, Vathravyaswa, Daivodasa
34,Vathravyaswa                  Bhargava, Vathravyaswa, Daivodasa      
35,Sapindina                        Bhargava, Vathravyaswa, Daivodasa
36.Sapindina                       Bhargava, Chyavana, Daivodasa    
37.Daivodasa                       Bhargava, Vathravyaswa, Daivodasa
38.Vainya                             Bhargava, Vainya, partha
39.Partha                              Bhargava, Vainya, partha
40.Bhashkala                       Bhargava, Vainya, partha
41.Chyetha                           Bhargava, Vainya, partha
42.Saunaka                         Bhargava, Sounahothra, kathsrmatha
43.Kathsrmatha                     Bhargava, Sounahothra, kathsrmatha
44.Yajnapathi                       Bhargava, Sounahothra, kathsrmatha
45.Veda                                Bhargava, Veda, Vaiswajothisha
46.Vaiswajothisha                Bhargava, Veda, Vaiswajothisha
47.Chattara                          Bhargava Chattara , Martara
48.Martara                           Bhargava , Chattara, Martara
49.Gowthama                       AAngeerasa, AAyaasya , Gowthama
50.Gowthama                      Aangeerasa  , Oudathya, Gowthama
51.AAyasya                         AAngeerasa, Aayasya, Gowthama
52.Sronivedha                     Aangeerasa  , Aayasya , Gowthama
53.Moodaratha                    Aangeerasa , Aayasya  , Gowthama
54.Saradwatha                    AAngeerasa  , Gowthama, Saradwatha
55.Abhijitha                         AAngeerasa  , Gowthama,  Saradwatha
56.Rouhinya                        AAngeerasa , Gowthama , Saradwatha
57.Gowmanda                     AAngeerasa , Ousija , Kakshivatha
58.Gowmanda                       AAngeerasa , Oudathya , Kakshivatha
59,Gowmanda                       Oudathya, Gowthama , Gowmanda
60.Mammamthareshana           AAngeerasa , Ousija , Kakshivadha
61.Mamamthareshanas            Oudathya, Gowthama, Gaumanda
62,.Mamamthareshana             Oudathya  , Gauthama , Gaumanda
63.Maseekshaa                       Aangeerasa , ousija  , Kaakshivadha
64.Maaseeraksha                    AAngeerasa , Oudathya , Kakshivadha
65.Masserakshaa                     Oudathya  , Gowtrhama  , Gowmanda
66.Deerga thamasa                   AAngeerasa  , Oudathya  , Dairgathamasa
67.Karenupalaya                       Aangeerasa , Gowthama  , Karenupalaya
68.Vasthavya                             AAngeerasa, Gowhthama  , Karenupalaya
69.Swetheeya                            AAngeerasa, Gowthama  , Karenupalaya
70.Oudathya                              Aangeerasa, Oudathya, Ousija
71.Ousija                                   AAngeerasa , Ousija  ,Kaakshivadha
72.Vama deva                           AAngeerasa, Vaamadeva , Gowthama
73.Vama deva                          AAngeerasa, Vamadeva  , Barha dugdha
74.Ouchanasa                         AAngeerasa  , GOwtrhama  , Ouchanasa
75.Disya                                  AAngeerasa   , Gowthama , Ouchanasa
76.Prasastha                           Aangeerasa  , Gowthama , Ouchanasa
77.Raahee  guna                      AAngeerasa , Raahigina, Gowthama
78.Rahee guna                          AAngeerasa  , Gowthama  Saradwatha
79.Soma rajaka                          AAngeerasa , Somarajaka , Gowthama
80.Brahadugdha                         AAngeerasa , Brahadugdha , Gowthama
81.Brahadugdha                         AAngeerasa , Brahadugdha , Vaamadeva
82.Raguva                                  AAngeerasa , Raguva, Gowthama
83.Haaritha                                 AAngeerasa, Aambareesha  , Swannaswa
84.Haaritha                                  Maamdathra, Aambaresha , Haaritha
85.Haaritha                                   AAngeerasa, Aambareesha , MAamdathra
86.Soubhaga                               Aangeerasa, Aambareesha , Yavvanaswa,
87.Soubhaga                               Maamdathra, Aambareesha, Yavvanaswa
88.Neyyagava                             AAngeerasa, Aambareesha  , Yavvanaswa
89.Neyyagava                              Maamdathra , ambareesha  , Yavvanaswa
90.Neyyagava                               AAngeerasa , AAmbareesha , Maamdathra
91.Maamdathra                             Aangeerasa, Aamareesha , Yavvanaswa
92.Maamdathra                              AAngeerasa , Aambareesha , Maamdathra
93.Vathsya                                     AAngeerasa, Aambareesha, Yavvanaswa
94.Vathsya                                     Maamdathra, Aambareesha, Yavvanaswa
95.Kuthsa                                        AAngeera, AAmbareesha , Yavvanaswa
96.,Kuthsa                                        AAngeerasa, Maamdathra, Kuthsa
97.Kanva                                          AAngeerasa, AAjameeda, Kanvakanva              
98.Kanva                                          AAngeerasa , Gaura  , Kanva
99.Gaura                                          AAngeerasa, Gaura , Kanva
100.AAjameeda                                 AAngeerasa , AAjameeda, Kanva
101,Oupamarkata                              AAngeerasa, Aajameeda , Kanva
102.Oupamarkata                               AAngeerasa , Gaura  , Kanva
103.Bashkalayana                               AAngeerasa , aaja meeda , Kanva
104.Bashklalayana                               AAngeerasa , Gaura  , Kanva
105.Rathidara                                     AAgeerasa  , vairoopa  , rathidhara 
106.Rathidara                                     AAshtadamshtra, vairoopa  , rathidara
107.Rathidara                                     AAshtadamshtra, vairoopa  , pardaswa
108.Vairoopa                                      AAngeerasa,vairoopa, Rathidara
109.Vairoopa                                       Aakshatathamkshamra, Vairoopa, Rathidhara
110.Vairoopa                                      Aakshatathamkshamra, Vairoopa, Pardhaswa
111.Aakshatathamkshamra                Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Rathidhara
112.Aakshatathamkshamra                Aangeerasa, VAiroopa, Parshadaswa
113,Aakshatathamkshamra                Aakshatathamkshamra, Parshadaswa, Vairoopa
114.Hasthitha                                     Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Rathidhara
115.Hasthitha                                      Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Parshadaswa
116.Hasthitha                                      Aakshatathamkshamra, Parshadaswa, Vairoopa
117,Naitheerakshya                             Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Rathidhara
118.Naitheerakshya                             Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Parshadaswa
119.Naitheerakshya                            Aakshatathamkshamra, Parshadaswa, Vairoopa
120.Parshadaswa                               Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Rathidhara
121.Parshadaswa                               Aangeerasa, Vairoopa , Parshadaswa
122.Parshadaswa                               Aakshatathamkshamra, Parshadaswa, Vairoopa
123,Badarayana                                 Aakshatathamkshamra, Parshadaswa, Rathidara
124,Vishnuvrutha                                Aangeerasa,Pouruguthsa, , Thrasathasvaya
125.Vishnuvrutha                               Aangeerasa, thrasathaswaya, Pouruguthsa,                         
126.Vishnuvrutha                                Aangeerasa,Pouruguthsa, thrasathaswaya 
127,Pouruguthsya                               Aangeerasa,Pouruguthsa, thrasathaswaya 
128.Kshada markshana                      Aangeerasa,Pouruguthsa, thrasathaswaya 
129.Marana                                         Aangeerasa,Pouruguthsa, thrasathaswaya 
130.Maudgalya                                    Aangeerasa, parmyaswa, Maudgalya
131.Mudgala                                       Tharkshya, , parmyaswa, , Maudgalya
132.Parmyaswa                                   Aangeerasa, parmyaswa, Maudgalya
133.Parmyaswa                                   Dargneeya, Parmyaswa,Maudgalya
134,Parmyaswa                                  Aangeerasa , Thaarkshya , Maudgalya
135,Tharkshya                                    Aangeerasa, parmyaswa, Maudgalya
136,Tharkshya                                    Tharkshya, , parmyaswa, , Maudgalya
137,Tharkshya                                    Aangeerasa , Thaarkshya , Maudgalya
138,Sadhyamugrya                             Aangeerasa, parmyaswa, Maudgalya
139,Sadhyamugrya                             Aangeerasa , Thaarkshya , Maudgalya
140.Sadhyamugrya                            Tharkshya, , parmyaswa, , Maudgalya
141.Hiranyasthambaya                       Aangeerasa, parmyaswa, Maudgalya
142.Hiranyasthambaya                      Tharkshya, , parmyaswa, , Maudgalya
143.Hiranyasthambaya                       Aangeerasa , Thaarkshya , Maudgalya
144,Bharadwaja                                  Aangeerasa, Barhaspathya , Bharadwaja
145.Bharadwajagrivesia                     Aangeerasa, Barhaspathya, Bharadwaja
146.Kshamyapana                              Aangeerasa, Barhaspathya, Bharadwaja
147.Devaaswa                                    Aangeerasa, Barhaspathya, Bharadwaja
148.Gargya(Garga)                            Aangeerasa,Chainya , Gargya
149.Gargya(Garga)                            Bharadwaja, Gargya , Chainya
150.Gargya(Garga)                            Aangeerasa, thaithra , kapibuva
151.Gargya(Garga)                            Gargya , Kausthabha , Mandavya
152.Samparayana                              Aangeerasa, Chainya. Gargya
 153.Samparayana                              Bhardwaja, Gargya, Chainya
 154.Samparayana                              Aangeerasa, Thaithra, kapipuva
155.Saggenaya                                   Aangeerasa, Chainya. Gargya
156.Saggenaya                                  Bhardwaja, Gargya, Chainya
157,Saggenaya                                 Aangeerasa, Thaithra, kapipuva                                                      
158.Riksha                                         Aangeerasa , Vaanthana , Mathavachasa
159.Roukshayana                              Aangeerasa , Vaanthana , Mathavachasa
160.Kapila                                          Aangeerasa , Vaanthana , Mathavachasa
161.Kapila                                          AAngeerasa, Mathavachasa , Vakshvamithra
162.Kapaya                                        Aangeerasa, Aamahiyya , Olarukshaya
163.Swasthitharaya                            Aangeerasa, Aamahiyya , Olarukshaya
164,Dandina                                      Aangeerasa, Aamahiyya , Olarukshaya
165.Pathanchala                               Aangeerasa, Aamahiyya , Olarukshaya

D.Three  Pravara  Rishis  -Athri

167/Athreya                                       Athreya, Archananasa , Chyavasva
168.Pooraya                                      Athreya, Archananasa , Chyavasva
169.Cchanthaya                               Athreya, Archananasa , Chyavasva
170.Pathanchala                               Athreya, Archananasa , Chyavasva
171.Bhardwajayana                          Athreya, Archananasa , Chyavasva
172.Kavikshtira                                 Athreya, Archananasa , Kavikshtira
173,Kavikshtira                                 Athreya,Kavikshtira, Pourvaditha
174.Kavikshtira                                 Athreya , AArchanasa, , Chyavasva
175.Kavikshtira                                 Athreya , Aarchanasa , Pourvaditha
176.Thakshaya                                 Athreya,Kavikshtira, Pourvaditha
176.Thakshaya                                 Athreya, Archananasa , Kavikshtira
177.Palanthana                                Athreya, Archananasa , Kavikshtira
178.Palanthana                               Athreya,Kavikshtira, Pourvaditha
179.Vathputhaka                             Athreya , Archanasa , Vathputhaka
180.Mugdhala                                  Athreya, Archanasa , Pourvaditha
181.Chalisandhya                            Athreya, Archanasa , Pourvaditha
182.Gauriveetha                              Athreya, Archanasa , Pourvaditha
183.Aaditha                                      Athreya, Archanasa, Aaditha
184.Aaditha                                      Athreya, Archanasa, Kavikshtira
185.Vamaragdhya                            Athreya, Archanasa, Aaditha
186.Vamaragdhya                            Athreya, Archanasa,Kavikshtira
187.Vamaragdhya                            Athreya, Vamaragdhya, Pauthrika
188.Sumangala                                Athreya, Archanasa, Aaditha
189.Sumangala                                Athreya, Archanasa, Kavikshtira
190.Sumangala                                Athreya, Saumangala, Chyavaswa
191.Beejavapa                                 Athreya, Archanasa. Aaditha
192.Beejavapa                                 Athreya, Archanasa, Kavikshtira
193.Vamadeva                                 Athreya, Archanasa, Vamadeva
194.Dhanjaya                                    Athreya, Archanasa, Dhanjaya
195.Baleya                                        Athreya, Vamaradhya , Pauthrika
196.Kaundhireya                               Athreya, Vamaradhya , Pauthrika
197,Sauberya                                    Athreya, Vamaradhya , Pauthrika

E.Gothras    with three  Rishis  Viswamithra

198.Vaiswamithra                              Vaiswamithra , Deivaradha, Oudhala
199.Vaiswamithra                              Vaiswamithra,  Maaduchandasa, AAkya
200.Vaiswamithra                              Vaiswamithra , Asmaragdhya,Vadhoola
201.Kauseeka                                    Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
 202.Devaradha                                  Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
203.Jabala                                          Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
 204.Yajnavalkhya                               Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
205.Parnajangaa                                Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
206.Vaarakhyaa                                  Vaiswamithra, Devaradha  , Oudhala
207.Lohitha                                          Vaiswamithra, AAshtaka , Loukitha
208.Lohitha                                           Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aashtaka
209.Ashtaka                                          Vaiswamithra, AAshtaka , Loukitha
210.Gudakya                                         Vaiswamithra, AAshtaka , Loukitha
211.Gudakya                                         Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aashtaka
212.Sakra  Varnayina                            Vaiswamithra, AAshtaka , Loukitha
213.Sakra  Varnayana                           Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aashtaka
214.Raukshaka                                      Vaiswamithra , Gathina,Raivana
215.Raukshaka                                      Vaiswamithra, Raukshaka, , Raivana
216.Kamagayana                                   Vaiswamithra, Deivasravasa, Deivachtharasa
217.Deivasrvasa                                    Vaiswamithra, Deivasravasa, Deivachtharasa
218.Deivasravasa                                   Vaiswamithra , DEivasravasa, Deivachathrasa
219.Aja                                                    Vaiswamithra, Mathuchandasa, Dhananjaya
220.Mathuchandasa                                Vaiswamithra, Mathuchandasa, aajyaa
221.Gatha                                                Vaiswamithra  , Gathya , AAdhgeela
222.Oudhumbara                                     Vaiswamithra, Gadhyaa, Aadhgeela
223.Saisira                                               Vaiswamithra, Gadhyaa, Aadhgeela
224.Dhananjaya                                       Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Dhananjaya
225.Dhananjaya                                      Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aagamarshana
226.Parthiva                                             Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Dhananjaya
227.Parthiva                                             Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aagamarshana
228,Panini                                                Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aagamarshana
229.Panthula                                             Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Dhananjaya
230.Panthula                                             Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Aagamarshana
231.Aagamarshana                                   Vaiswamithra , Aagamarshana, Kaushika
232.Kausika                                               Vaiswamithra .Asmarathaya, Vaadhula
233.Asmarathaya                                      Vaiswamithra .Asmarathaya, Vaadhula
234.Sa ula                                                 Vaiswamithra, saa ula, Ma ula
235.Ma Ula                                                Vaiswamithra, saa ula, Ma ula
236.Kathina                                                Vaiswamithra, Kathina, Raivana
237.Raivana                                               Vaiswamithra, Kathina, Raivana
238.VaiNava                                               Vaiswamithra, Salamkayana , Vainava
239.Salamkayana                                       Vaiswamithra, Salamkayana , Kausika
240.Kausika                                                Vaiswamithra, Salamkayana , Kausika
241.Jahnava                                                Vaiswamithra , Salamkatana , Kaushika
242.Rahuhina                                             Vaiswamithra , Mathuchandasa, Rauhina

F.Gothras    with three   rishis    -Kashyapa
243.Naidruva                                               Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Naidruva
244.Naidruva  Kashyapa                            Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Naidruva
245,Ashtangeerasa                                    Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Naidruva
246.Brugu                                                   Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Naidruva
247,Kashyapa                                            Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Naidruva
248.Kashyapa                                             Kashyapa, Aavathsara, Aaseetha
249.Kashyapa                                           Kashyapa , aasitha  , Chaundilya
250.Vathsyayana                                       Kashyapa , aavathsara, Naidruva
251.Vathsyayana                                      Kashyapa , aavathsara, Chaundilya
252.Vathsyayana                                      Kashyapa , aavathsara, Daivala
253,Vathsyayana                                      Kashyapa , aavathsara, Aasitha
254,Vathsyayana                                      Kashyapa, Aasitha  , daivala
255.Raibhya                                              Kashyapa,  Avasthara  , Raibhya
256.Maithreya                                     Kashyapa,  Avasthara  , Raibhya
257.Chandilya                                     Kashyapa  , Avasthara , Chandilya
258.Chandilya                                     Kashyapa, Avasthara, Daivala
259.Chandilya                                     Kashyapa, Avasthara, AAseetha
260.Chandilya                                     Kashyapa, Aaseetha, Daivala
261.Chandilya                                     Kaundinya,  aaseetha ,Daivala
262.Gohala                                         Kashyapa  , Avasthara , Chandilya
263.Gohala                                        Kashyapa  , Avasthara , Daivala
264. Gohala                                        Kashyapa  , Avasthara , AAseetha
265.Gohala                                        Kashyapa   , Daivala, Aaseetha
266.Udhamehtha                               Kashyapa  , Avasthara , Chandilya
267.Udhamehtha                               Kashyapa  , Avasthara , DAivala
268.Udhamehtha                               Kashyapa  , Avasthara , AAseetha
270.Udhamehtha                               Kashyapa  , Aaseetha, Daivala

G.Gothras    with three  Rishis   Vasishta

271.Vasishta                                      Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
272.Vaithalagavaya                            Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
273.Ragaya                                        Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
274.Kaundinya                                   Vasishta, Maithravauna, Kaundinya
275.Lokidhayana                               Vasishta, Maithravauna, Kaundinya
276.Kukkulaya                                    Vasishta, Maithravauna, Kaundinya
277.Maithravaruna                              Vasishta, Maithravauna, Kaundinya
278.Maudgalya                                    Vasishta, Maithravauna, Kaundinya
279.Upamanyava                                 Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
280.Oudhala                                         Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
281.Mandaleka                                     Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
282.Aswalayana                                   Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
283.Yajnavalkya                                    Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
284.Bodhayana                                      Vasishta, Aathreya, Jathukarnya
285.Jathukarnya                                    Vasishta, Iyndhrapramadha. Aaparathvasi
286,Paracharya                                     Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
287.Aruna Parachara                            Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
288.Gaura  Parachara                           Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
289.Krishna Parachara                          Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
290.Shyama  Parachara                       Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
291.Swetha Parachara                         Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
292.Dhoomra Parachara                       Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
293.Khanduchaya                                   Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
294.Vaajya                                              Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya
295.Saakya                                              Vasishta , Sakya , Paracharya

H.Gothras with three   Rishis  Agasthya

296.Agasthya                                           Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Jadmavaha
297.Jadmavaha                                       Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Jadmavaha
298.Dhardyachutha                                  Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Jadmavaha
299.Vaisaladhya                                      Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Jadmavaha
300.Spalayana                                        Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Jadmavaha
301.Sambavaha                                       Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, sambavaha
302.Somavaha                                   Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Gaumavaha
303.AAgasthya                                  Agasthya, Dhardyachutha,   Gaumavaha
304.Yajnavaha                                  Agasthya, Dhardyachutha,  Yajnavaha
305.Darbavaha                                 Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Darbaavaha
306.Saravaha                                    Agasthya, Dhardyachutha, Saraavaha
307.AAgasthya                                  Agasthya, Mahendra, Mayobhuva
308,Paulasthya                                 Agasthya, Mahendra, Mayobhuva
309,Mayobhuva                               Agasthya, Mahendra, Mayobhuva
310.Pournamasa                              AAgasthya, POurnamasa, Barana
311.Barana                                       AAgasthya, POurnamasa, Barana
312.Haimodhaka                               AAgasthya. Haimavarchi, Haimodhaka
313,PaNika                                        Aagasthya, Painayaka, PaNika

I.Gothras with three  Rishis –Dvigothras

a.Bharadwaja  -Viswamithra
1.SAunga-saisira                         Aangeerasa, Gadhya, Aathkeela
2.SAunga SAisira                         Bharadwaja  , Gadhya , Aathkeela
3.Samkirithya                             Aangeerasa, Gauriveethi , Samkruthya
4.Samkrithya                              SAkhya, Gauriveethi, Samkruthya
5.Samkrithya                              SAkhya, Samkruthya , Gauriveethi
6.Bhoothimasha                         Aangeerasa, Gauriveethi , Samkruthya
7.Bhoothimasha                          SAkhya, Gauriveethi, Samkruthya
8.Bhoothimasha                           Sakhya, SAmkruthya , Gauriveethi
9.Thandaya                                 Aangeerasa, Gauriveethi , Samkruthya
10.Thandaya                                 SAkhya, Samkruthya , Gauriveethi
11.Thandaya                                Sakhya, SAmkruthya , Gauriveethi
12.Gauriveethi                            Aangeerasa, Gauriveethi , Samkruthya
13.Gauriveethi                             SAkhya, Gauriveethi, Samkruthya
14.Gauriveethi                             Sakhya, SAmkruthya , Gauriveethi
15.Sakya                                     SAkhya, Gauriveethi, Samkruthya
16.Lohitha                                    AAngeerasa, Vaiswamithra  , Lohitha

b.Aharvasishta-Nakada  Kashyapa

17.Loukaakshya                           Kashyapa, Aavasthaara, Vaasishta
18.Loukaakshya                          Kashyapa, Aavasthara, Aasitha
19.Darbayana                              Kashyapa , AAvastthaara  , Vasishta
20.Darbayana                              Kashyapa , aavasthaara  , Aasitha

21.Jathukarnya                           Vasishta, AAthreya  , Jathukarnya
22.Vasishta                                 Vasishta, AAthreya  , Jathukarnya
23.Kathyayana                             Athreya, Bhargava , Vasishta

 J,  Gothras with five  pravara rishis


1.Bhargava          Bhargava , Chyavana, AApnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
2.Chyaavana        Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
3.Aapnavana     Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
4.Ourva             Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
5.Jamadagnya   Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
6.Vadhya           Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
7.Markandeya   Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
8.Mandudheya   Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
9.Jabali              Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
9.Panini              Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
10.Vadhyayana    Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
11.Valmiki            Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
12.Samkruthya    Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
13.Mandavya       Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Jamadagnya
14.Paulasya        Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Paitha
15.Bodhayana     Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Paitha
16.Paitha             Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Paitha
17.Saila                Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Paitha
18.Avatta              Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, ourva, Paitha
19.Arkshittishena  Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
20.AAnupa            Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
21.Nairrudhya       Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
22.Yayayana         Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
23.Yaaksyayana   Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
23.Karthyayana     Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Aarkshitishena, AAnupa
24.Vathsapurodasa  Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Vathsya, Paurodasa
25.Paijamaditha    Bhargava, Chyavana,aapnavana, Paija,Maditha
26.Savarna            Ourva, Chyavana, Bhargava, Jamadagnya, Aapnavana

b. Aangeerasa

27.Oudadhaya   Aangeerasa, Oudhadhaya, Gauthama, Ousija Kakshivadha
28.Kaakshivadha  Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, , Kakshivadha, Gauthama, Kaumanda
29.Kaumanda     Aangeerasa, Oudhadhaya, Gauthama, Ousija Kakshivadha
30.Kaumanda   Aangeerasa, aayasya, Ousija, , Gauthama, kakshivadha
31.Dairgathamasa  Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, , Kakshivadha, Gauthama, Dairgathamasa
32.Maamamthareshena Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, , Kakshivadha, Gauthama, Kaumanda
33.Maamamthareshena Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, ,  Gauthama, ousija, Kakshivadha
34,Maamamthareshena Aangeerasa, Aayasya , Ousija, Gauthama , Kakshivadha
35.Maaseeraksha   Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, , Kakshivadha, Gauthama, Kaumanda
36.Maaseeraksha   Aangeerasa, Oudhadhya, , Gauthama, Ousija , Kakshivadha
37.Maaseeraksha   Aangeerasa, AAyasya , Ousija, Gauthama, Kakshivadha


38.Gargya             AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chainya  , Gargya
39.SAmparayana  AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chainya  , Gargya
40.Sathkeeyai      AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chainya  , Gargya
41.Riksha             AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chainya  , Mathavachasa
42.Raukshayana  AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chainya  , Mathavachasa
43.Kapila             AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Vanthana , Mathavachasa 
44.Athmabhuva    AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Vara , athmabhuva
45,Bharadwaja    AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Chounga, Saisira
46.Bharadwaja    AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja,Kadhya, AAthgila
47,Bharadwaja    AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja,Maudgalya, Saisira
48.Gauthama      AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Vanthana , Mathavachasa 
49.Saisira           AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja,Chainga, Saisira
50.SAisira          AAngeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja,Khadhya, Aathgeela
51.Kanvayana   Kanvayana, Aangeerasa , Barhaspathya, Bhradwaja, Aajameeda


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  3. Varanasi is said to be the oldest inhabited city in the world. There are supposed to be 2,000 temples in Varanasi. It is 125km east of Allahabad, on the bank of the Ganges. Bharat taxi is one of the leading taxi and cab service provider in all over India.

  4. The blog is very informative. Thanks . One think I would like to know is there Matara ghotran . Because our pravaram is that of naidrupa kasyapa ghotram . CoukdcT

  5. There is no mrnment of sankhyayanasa gothram

    1. Seems it was mentioned with different sound - Salamkayana. Also many Gothras are mentioned in such a way.

  6. There is no mention of jyanakala gothram either. Please add it.