Sunday, July 2, 2017

Palakkad Brahmins to perform Upakarma in September

Final decision   has been taken by  Palakkad   Brahmana samooham                                                                                                 Sadasiva Samarambhaam Sankaracharya Madyamaam Asmat Acharya Paryantam Vande Guru Paramparaam...🙏🏻

We thank all who took part in today's deliberations on this year's Upaakarma. Discussions were based on    directions from our Kanchi and Sringeri Acharyas that the appropriate date for Avani-Avittom this year would be 6th September.  Palakkad Graamajana Samoohams, our esteemed Vaideekas and Sabha representatives attended. It is of great significance for Palakkad Brahmanas that even at such short notice, most could attend.

After due discussions, it has been concluded that Jagadguru  upadesam shall be followed for Community and Lokakshemam. As such Yajur Upakarma will be on 6th September 2017. Gayatri Japam will be on 8th August.

We thank all Samoohams and Vaideekas for upholding our Guruparampara and Sastram. As Bhagawan said in the Gita:

Tasmat shaastram pramanam te
Jnatva sastra-vidhanoktam
Karma kartum iharhasi..

Perform your Karmas as mandated by the Sastras.

Loka: Samastha: Sukhina: Bhavantu...

Pranaamam 🙏🏻


  1. Should we change our Poonal before doing Gayatri Japam on 8th Aug ?

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