Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yajur veda Avani avitta manthras in Sanskrit and Tamil

Dear Friends,
     WE have to thank  a young man called  Mr.Jagadish Venkatraman for uploading Yajur veda Avani avitta manthras  in Sanskrit. This  can  be assessed in
   I have downloaded   these manthras  in Tamil from  Amritha Vahini in pdf form. People who need it may write to me -ramya475 at hotmail  dot com,  Ramachander  


  1. Hi. I reside in Dubai. Do I have to change something for baratha kande and similar wordings while chanting the mantras.

  2. Sir, I need yujur veda upakarma 2015 in tamil

  3. If Some one supplies it, I would definitely put it.I do not know how to type in Tamil

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  5. Sir

    I was wondering if you had the Avani Aattam text in English too? Similar to the one that you have for the Tharpanam

    Warm regards.