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Samkshepa Dharma Shastre Sankeerna Vishaya

Samkshepa Dharma Shasthre Sankeerna Vishaya

Appendix to topics dealt in Samkshepa Dharma Shastra

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Sanath Kumara said
In this very horrible Kali age , the path of Vedas is neglected and the path of the Barbarians is being adopted. Since the mind of Brahmins and others is not pure , there would be no results for the rituals performed by them. So what is the path fot attaining happiness and safety in this Yuga.

Narada said:-
The entire mobile and immobile world acts as per the orders of the great God. This Kali yuga would only be like this and we have to save ourselves from it. In the previous Yugas we were able to obey Sasthra and their injunctions. In Kali we cannot carry out anything in the way that we desire. The only option is to perform rituals the best way we can and dedicate it to God with devotion to Lords Vishnu. The God will accept them and bless us.
If the man observing fast is not able to observe complete fast he can choose one out of
Water , root vegetables , fruits, milk , Rice without salt , what has been offered in Sradha , the teachings of Guru and medicine. These eight do not spoil the Vrutha of fasting.
By frequently drinking water , by frequently eating Thamboola (betel leaf plus betel nut) , by sleeping in the day time and having sex with ladies , the fasting ritual would be destroyed. So we should not do them while fasting.
Those great ones who do Japa (chant) do not have bad dreams, worry , ghosts , snakes , Brahma Rakshas , thieves, head ache etc So it is essential to chant good Mantras.
The one who lights the perennial lamp and maintains it in the temple of Vishnu or Lord Shiva , and maintains them everyday gets the effect of having performed an Aswamedha Yaga.
After meals , if we worship Lord Vishnu and eat the Nirmalya Thulasi(ocimum sanctum) leaf , then we would get rid of all sins and get the effect of having performed 100 Chaandrayanam,
During sacred thread ceremony, we can eat together with our mother and on the day of the marriage we can eat with our wives. But in all other times if we eat along with a lady, we would become sinners.
During Homa, Meals , Sandhya vandana , Japa and worship, we have to do Aachamana twice.
Sins do not stick on the body of a Brahmin in whose body Vedas are there. He would be personification of Vedas but by a bare body there is no use.
First we have to learn Veda face to face from some one. Then we have think and do research on the meaning of what we have learnt. Then we have to repeat again and again whatever we have learnt. We should do Brahma Yagna. We should teach what we have learnt to others. These are the five aspects of learning Vedas.
When we learn Vedas we have to lead a ritualistic life , follow the writs of the part of Veda we are learning , eat food on the floor and ;learn the entire Veda including Upanishads. This is the important duty of a Brahmin.
When we are learning Vedas , we should do it fast, when we are practicing we should do it with medium speed and when we are teaching it, we should recite it slowly.
When we are beginning to learn Prasna and Anuvaka , we have say Hari slowly similar to Harihi. It should be separately pronounced and not mixed with “Om” , that follows it. “Ha” should be told loudly and “Ri” softly.
That Brahmin who teaches Vedas according to the tenets of Dharma , he gets similar benefit as that of Bhoo dhana (giving away land) and Godhana (giving away cows)
If a Gothra or Pravara rishi is found in some other Gothra, Such Gothras are considered as similar Pravara. But this is not applicable to Brugu Gothra and Aangeeras Gothra.
If a girl is not given in marriage (even after she grows up) , she can live in the house of her birth till death. So Just for the sake of marrying her away , we should not give her in marriage to a debased male.
In case of Sradha of mother and father , the Thila Tharpana should be done in the next day morning. But in Sradha of others, Tharpana has to be performed immediately.
On the first day of a Yuga , on the first day of the month , Pournavasya and on Vyatheepada , The Tharpana should be done before the Sradha where Anna is offered. In case of Ardhodhaya, Gajachaya , Sashti , Mahalaya Bharani and Mahalaya Maka , the Tharpana should be done afterwards.
In case of Nandi Sradham, Sapindeekaranam , Pretha Sradham , Anumasikam ,Apthika and Vimokam , there is no Tharpana.
In Mahalaya Sradha and in all Sradhas which are performed in the Hiranya form , the Tharpana should be performed after the Sradha. The consideration of before and after is only in case of Anna Sradha.
Brahmachari should not carry a corpse. If he touches, sacred thread ceremony should be performed again for him.
If several Sradhas come on the same day , first do Pratyapthika, (annual)then Masika(monthly) and then Darsa(on Amavasya)
Any sin which can be removed by starving for 15 days can be removed by doing 100 pranayamas. That sin which can be removed by doing 1000 Pranayama , can be removed in a second by meditating the four armed form of Vishnu with conch, mace, flower and the wheel. So please meditate on Hari always.
Among Mantras Shiva Panchakshara mantra called the king of Mantras is most superior, Among the ways, the way pointed out by Vedas is most superior. Among the things to be attained Salvation is the most superior.
There is no one like Samba or Eesaana who cut of the ties of worldly life, who is superior to me. I am divine , I am free , I am everywhere. My being everywhere is not due to the effect of illusion. I am witness for everything . (this indicates that worship of Lord Shiva gives us all that we desire and want.)

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